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you're beautiful

so me and my friend went shopping todayy
i forgot to take pictures of the stuff i bought though
and i'm just way too lazy to do it now. but i went to buy a dress but came back with a lot of other useless things... well after that we went to my house to watch a show that my friend was on. it was so cool seeing him on TV
while we were watching the show, i did my friends makeup because we were getting bored haha. wow she looked so different. she looked soo pretty though

the blocked out side of her face is because i didn't put makeup on that side, loll. i was getting tired. putting makeup on other people is hard
ah, and this is my new haircut --not really new because i got it done a few weeks ago 

it's the asymmetrical kind, where it's long on one side, short on the other. i liked it for about a week and now i regret it
oh well hair always grows. and i'm going to get extensions XD