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Jewelry haul ☆ ★ ☆ ★

I recently bought a shit-load of jewelry. I can't stop, i'm so obsessed with it these days.

I just ordered another batch too.. and i buy some of these things online where it's fcking cheap, so that doesn't really help... so here's what i boughtt 

this is everythingg~ and next is me wearing the stuff 
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i bought some new contacts awhile ago.
i got the bambi browns, super nudy pink, and the new adult brown.
i have to say, i hate the adult browns. i bought them because i wanted some that were smaller in diameter for when i didn't wear makeup but the color looks so gross without makeup :/
i got them like 2 months ago and i still haven't worn the adult brown out.

but! the other two are super nice, i love them <3
this is the bambi brown

andd i don't have pictures of the others right now.

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you're beautiful

so me and my friend went shopping todayy
i forgot to take pictures of the stuff i bought though
and i'm just way too lazy to do it now. but i went to buy a dress but came back with a lot of other useless things... well after that we went to my house to watch a show that my friend was on. it was so cool seeing him on TV
while we were watching the show, i did my friends makeup because we were getting bored haha. wow she looked so different. she looked soo pretty though

the blocked out side of her face is because i didn't put makeup on that side, loll. i was getting tired. putting makeup on other people is hard
ah, and this is my new haircut --not really new because i got it done a few weeks ago 

it's the asymmetrical kind, where it's long on one side, short on the other. i liked it for about a week and now i regret it
oh well hair always grows. and i'm going to get extensions XD




this week has been so stressfulll. but i slept super early like all week and early as in like... 8PM early, lol.
i cut my hair again but
i'm too lazy to connect my camera to the computer, so no pics until later XD

i'm going to universal horror nights today! yayy so excited.

wtf, these nails kind of gross me out. it looks dirty...