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2011-09-30 in

rouge a levres

i went to sephora looking for the decollete lipstick.

 but it was sold out
 so i tried on the next shade and it was so niceee. i think it was the 'seduce' one, number 14. or the number 16. but i didn't buy it because the lady said they were going to restock decollete soon, so i might as well wait and see which one i like better.

i will always love the nudy lip but now i'm into the bright lipsticks these days. but i don't have the guts to wear it out yet..
i think if you can pull it off it looks so swagg

so much swaggg

2011-09-29 in


we went to cafe to study for once... it was such an adventure... haha my luck is just unbelievable. i have the worst luck in the history of the world.

so on a whim, spur of the moment thing, we bought matching illest sweaters. loll we always do stuff on a whim.
my beautiful bff posing with our sweaters

thenn we went to eat ramen. it was so good but i couldn't finish mine, there was so muchh
ms. alcoholic doing what she does best. 
mwah pigging out


2011-09-26 in ,


my new nailss 
i camera whored after work in the car.
wearing my cool mustache hat.

lol i'm retarded. i like it though!! but it gives that strange point thing in the front. probably because it's for men.
these models are starting to dress more hipster-ish. it's cool though, everything they wear looks so fashionable. even when they're wearing a simple shirt, it looks so good.

2011-09-22 in ,


we went to eat korean bbq
it was soo goodd

my omg-this-shit-is-good eyes.
and my friend has something cool on her phone 

forgot what it said and i can't read it because my phone camera is crap quality. BUT it was swag
and we got our nails done. i didn't take a picture of mine but this is hers.



eww, i hate work 
this is what i wore yesterday 
goodness, i hate it when girls take pictures in the bathroom. but i guess that's what i've turned into.. a girl that takes pictures in the bathroom =0=

2011-09-16 in

yum yum

we ate burrito yesterday! 超おいしい

i was so happy but then i saw my teacher that i hate 
then i got nails done~ the place i went to wasn't that good 
it's finally getting colder here やった now i can wear pretty clothes like these~~

i love winter clothes 

2011-09-15 in , ,

shameless photo taking

school is so fucking annoying. i didn't go to school last time because i woke up late. i didn't go to a class yesterday and they btichedd today. i had to take a test because i didn't take it yet and i couldn't even finish it today, so i gotta take time off my day to take it again tomorrow. and yesterday i slept at 5 PM and woke up at 3 AM today. UGH so i took pictures of myself to make me happy again. wtf.

had to censor my boobs. not appropriate. 

and one of my beautiful baby~