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i bought some new contacts awhile ago.
i got the bambi browns, super nudy pink, and the new adult brown.
i have to say, i hate the adult browns. i bought them because i wanted some that were smaller in diameter for when i didn't wear makeup but the color looks so gross without makeup :/
i got them like 2 months ago and i still haven't worn the adult brown out.

but! the other two are super nice, i love them <3
this is the bambi brown

andd i don't have pictures of the others right now.

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you're beautiful

so me and my friend went shopping todayy
i forgot to take pictures of the stuff i bought though
and i'm just way too lazy to do it now. but i went to buy a dress but came back with a lot of other useless things... well after that we went to my house to watch a show that my friend was on. it was so cool seeing him on TV
while we were watching the show, i did my friends makeup because we were getting bored haha. wow she looked so different. she looked soo pretty though

the blocked out side of her face is because i didn't put makeup on that side, loll. i was getting tired. putting makeup on other people is hard
ah, and this is my new haircut --not really new because i got it done a few weeks ago 

it's the asymmetrical kind, where it's long on one side, short on the other. i liked it for about a week and now i regret it
oh well hair always grows. and i'm going to get extensions XD




this week has been so stressfulll. but i slept super early like all week and early as in like... 8PM early, lol.
i cut my hair again but
i'm too lazy to connect my camera to the computer, so no pics until later XD

i'm going to universal horror nights today! yayy so excited.

wtf, these nails kind of gross me out. it looks dirty...


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so spicyyyy

i was watching 全開ガール today because my friend recommended it to me. 

this show is soo cuteee. 
my friend was telling me how nishikido ryo comes out so hot in it. AND HE DOES
the girl is slightly annoying though.

i got new leopard print glasses. loll people hate it when i wear fake glasses.
oh wells

at first i kept the lenses in..
but it created too much of a glare, so i popped 'em out.

gotta go back to watching zenkai girl.



work is so tiringg  
i was about to faint but that would've been embarrassing so i drank red bull..
 and it gave me wings
yeah, son.

i thought i was so cool wearing my little dangly cross earring. lol, no?

oh goddd i saw transformers 3 last night. 
it was so epic 
i love optimus primei hate sentinel prime.
i have a crush on optimus and bumblebee
i have like this psychic power with one of my coworkers. apparently he was watching transformers last night also...... and at the same time. pretty freaky. but he saw it on blueray hi-definition. damn him.

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rouge a levres

i went to sephora looking for the decollete lipstick.

 but it was sold out
 so i tried on the next shade and it was so niceee. i think it was the 'seduce' one, number 14. or the number 16. but i didn't buy it because the lady said they were going to restock decollete soon, so i might as well wait and see which one i like better.

i will always love the nudy lip but now i'm into the bright lipsticks these days. but i don't have the guts to wear it out yet..
i think if you can pull it off it looks so swagg

so much swaggg

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we went to cafe to study for once... it was such an adventure... haha my luck is just unbelievable. i have the worst luck in the history of the world.

so on a whim, spur of the moment thing, we bought matching illest sweaters. loll we always do stuff on a whim.
my beautiful bff posing with our sweaters

thenn we went to eat ramen. it was so good but i couldn't finish mine, there was so muchh
ms. alcoholic doing what she does best. 
mwah pigging out


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my new nailss 
i camera whored after work in the car.
wearing my cool mustache hat.

lol i'm retarded. i like it though!! but it gives that strange point thing in the front. probably because it's for men.
these models are starting to dress more hipster-ish. it's cool though, everything they wear looks so fashionable. even when they're wearing a simple shirt, it looks so good.

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we went to eat korean bbq
it was soo goodd

my omg-this-shit-is-good eyes.
and my friend has something cool on her phone 

forgot what it said and i can't read it because my phone camera is crap quality. BUT it was swag
and we got our nails done. i didn't take a picture of mine but this is hers.